Sophialinus - The Drum Lioness

About Me - (Who Am I?)  Last Updated June 23, 2012 

I am a retired Software Engineer (retired May 5, 1999) with a Masters Degree in Computer Science, who now has the time
 to study all of the things and do all of the things that I really, really want to do.  
  I have been enjoying my retirement and the freedom to become involved in
   various projects and organizations when I feel like it.

My Web Sites         

I have one wonderful, beautiful Daughter
 two wonderful, beautiful Granddaughters and one awesome Great Grandson;
  who are living in another state and much too far away from me.  

I am intelligent, very independent, self sufficient, and emotionally secure.  

I have been living the single life since 1976 and have gotten used to being solitary.  
 I know lots of people and have friends from all walks of life.  
  If you want to be my friend, you have to be honest and trustworthy.  
I love to be active and involved in fun things and laughing.  
 If things get tooo serious I always have to crack a joke to lighten things up.  
  Breaking the rules is another one of my favorite things to do.  

My favorite music is Rock and Roll and I like dancing. Metallica is one of my favorite bands.  
 Watching football during the football season is a must for me.  
  Sundays and Monday nights are my football days.  
   I get to the beach at least once a week to walk and enjoy the ocean.  
    I attempt to do my step box, weight, and stretching exercises 3-5 times a week.  
     I eat mostly fresh vegetables and my favorite restaurant is Sweet Tomatoes..  
      I am a non smoker but on occasion have been known to drink scotch whisky.  
       Speyburn Single Malt and Johnnie Walker Black Label are my favorites.   

Taking a trip to Africa and watching a pride of lions in the wild would be the ideal vacation for me.  
 That and also my dream vacation of going to Egypt.

I was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey many years ago and spent many hours on the boardwalk and Steel Pier.  
 The girl who road on the back of the diving horse at the end of Steel Pier was a class mate.
  She was one of the Hackney twins. I attended Atlantic City High School, but was a drop out.
   White House Subs was a staple for me.

My beautiful Daughter was born April 20,1965 in West Palm Beach, Fl.

I obtained my GED August 10, 1966 and enrolled in Palm Beach Junior College but was unable to continue.

A dump truck hit my car in 1972 and in the accident a vertebra in my neck was fractured.
 After being in and out of hospitals fusion surgery was performed
  on the vertebra with a piece of bone from my hip.
   There was limited physical activity after the surgery and lots of pain.

January 1975 I enrolled back into Palm Beach Junior College because my mind was still active.
 January 1977 I enrolled in Florida Atlantic University.
  May 10, 1977 I obtained an AA Degree from Palm Beach Junior College.
   June 9, 1979  I obtained a BAS Degree from Florida Atlantic University.
    June 12,1981 I obtained a MAS Degree from Florida Atlantic University. Computer Science.

By then I was divorced, living along, and it was the beginning of a whole new life.

I started collecting various lions in the early 80's when I was still in University and now have hundreds of them.  
 They consists of stuffed, statues, pictures, sheets, towels, etc.  

Most of my life I considered myself to be an atheist.
  I now consider myself to be an All American Solitary Witch, or as some might say 'eclectic'.  
  Although it is difficult for me to define witch/pagan other then I have developed my own spiritual path.  
   I borrow a little of this and a little of that from various paths and then create rituals and spells
    for me with the help of my Goddess Sekhmet.

 In the early 90's while working at Kennedy Space Center
  I started doing some Inner Child work and developed a personal spirituality.  
   For me, my Higher Power, or Universal Life Energy Force, seemed to be female and a Goddess.  

February 26, 1996 The Church of Iron Oak  in Melbourne, Fl was generating a
  lot of publicity and I was curious to find out why the Christians in Titusville, Fl were so upset
   about the church and the people.  I went to an open house and then was invited to attend a
    Samhain Ritual in Palm Bay, Fl.  

The more I found out about the Pagan Religions and Witchcraft the more I felt I was one.  

Since I was living in Titusville, Fl at the time, and there were no witches to be found,  
 or at least that I could find, and Palm Bay seemed so far away to me,
  my studies consisted of reading books and internet searches.  

I started looking for a Lioness Goddess. Every internet search for a Lioness
 Goddess or Lion God came back empty. But that was just the beginning of the WWW.

   I had no idea why I was so attracted to Lions at the time I started collecting them
    but I understand now that this was the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet calling to me.  
     Now I also have various Sekhmet statues and pictures.  

In November, 1997 I started to work in Boca Raton, Fl and returned to Margate, Fl.
 I thought: 'this is great, I should be able to find some Witches and Pagans in Ft. Lauderdale'.

I did find lots of Witches and Pagans in the Ft Lauderdale area.
 In the spring of 1998 I became involved with the Unitarian Fellowship of South Florida

Then January 7, 1999 I attended the first Moon Path CUUPS   Study Group.
   I have attended just about every Thursday night since then.
    And even though I am a solitary, I am a member of the Moonpath Chapter of CUUPS.  

I found my Lioness Goddess Sekhmet in early 1999 after many web searches.

Do a web search or visit these web sites to find out more about The Goddess Sekhmet:
 Robert Masters/Sekhmet   
  The Creation Epic     
   Temple of Sekhmet

I started to build Labyrinths in early 1999 and find they have a wonderful energy power.  
 The first temporary Labyrinth was completed for the 1999 May Day - Beltain Celebration
  Vist My Labyrinth web site to learn more about the Temporary Labyrinths and My Permanent Labyrinth
I  became the Local Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project in May 1999 and still
 coordinate the Ft Lauderdale Pagan Pride Day Celebration each September.

I became an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church on September 4, 1999
 and have performed legal Handfastings as well as hand fasting on many occasions.  

I had a public dedication ritual to the Eqyptian Goddess Sekhmet on Pompano Beach
 in November 1999.  I love all things about Sekhmet.
   Visit My Web Site that is dedicated to Sekhmet.


Sometime in February 2000 I had a crash landing while riding a bike and
 broke my left collar bone.  I still went to Shreveport, La to celebrate Mardi Gras
  with my sister and her 'Krewe of Centaur'.  But I did cancel my Spring Equinox trip to Peru.


My first djembe drum was given to me by The Bear in the spring of 2000 and I love to drum.  
 I have some new djembe drums for sale.
  I practice when ever I can and like to learn new drum beats.  
   There are drum beats which have been developed for each direction
    as well as Goddess and God drum beats that I use in ritual.

I was the HPS for the CUUPS midsummer ritual dedicated to Sekhmet each August from 2000 to 2007.
 This is a ritual I developed from various paths with the help of Sekhmet.  
   I discovered that the Ancient Egyptians had a Goddess associated with each direction and
    I invite them to join us for this ritual.  
      The Story Before The Ritual - The Ritual     

  One of my dreams is to go to Egypt and visit Sekhmet's Temples.  
   There also is a Temple dedicated to Sekhmet near Indian Springs, Nevada that I would love to visit.

Every year, since 2000, on the Thursday before my birthday I perform  the 'The Chocolate Ritual'
 because it is fun, even though chocolate is one of my least favorite things to eat. 

         Visit My Ritual Web Site for all the Rituals I have performed

March 10, 2002 I built a frame Drum with Elk skin.

The Barbie Ritual is a fun thing I created for the full moon ritual in August 2002.

January 04, 2003 I built a frame Drum with Water Bufallo skin
 January 2003 I skinned a Mahogany djembe with Goat skin.

 In October 2004 I saw Godsmack open for Metallica and Godsmack blew Metallica away.

 I host a Saturday Broward Drum Circle at Fern Forest which started March 26, 2005.         

I had a 'dream come true' visit to Hawaii from September 30 to October 11, 2005.   
June 22, 2006 I became President of Moon Path Circle, Inc. 501 (C)(3) when it was incorporated
September 22, 2006 was the first Tequesta Drum Fire Circle sponsored by Moon Path Circle, Inc. 501 (C)(3)     

January 2006 I skinned another djembe with Goat Skin.

I have hosted The Full Moon Drum Circle on Pompano Beach since it was moved from Ft Lauderdale to
          Pompano Beach in February 2007.

In July 2008 I went on a nine day trip to Belize and Tikal, Guatemala
 with Jim Reed and John Major Jenkins to visit the Maya Pyramids

October 1, 2008 the head popped on the baby drum that The Bear gave me in 2000.  
  As of May 2009 I now have a New Baby Chocolate drum . 
December 23, 2009 an offer that I made to buy a House was accepted.
  The closing was January 14, 2010 and  I moved into my House February 17, 2010.
     The closing on the sale of my Condo was March 6, 2010.
        It has taken a lot of work to make it 'livable' but... I love living in my 'New House'.

My Great Grandson was born February 22, 2012.
  I was able to visit him for his one week old Birthday Party.
   My Granddaughter sends me video clips of him so I can watch him grow.

The roof on my House developed a leak on May 19, 2012. So I decided to have a new roof installed.
 The new roof was started June 19, 2012.

            Sophialinus         The Drum Lioness